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Msheireb Museums

The project has regenerated and renovated four traditional courtyard houses, which has been transformed into the Msheireb Museums.

Mohammed bin Jassim House
This house demonstrates Qatar’s challenge to strike a balance between the sophisticated requirements of contemporary living and the responsibility to preserve local heritage and culture.

Radwani House
This house provides visitors an insight into how family life evolved in Qatar over the years. Radwani House showcases not only the manner in which it changed over time, but also how domestic family life was transformed in Doha.

Company House
This museum tells the story of the pioneering Qatari petroleum industry workers and their families, who helped transform Qatar into a modern society. Witness first-hand accounts of the men who laboured not just to provide for their families but also to lay the foundations for this emerging nation.

Bin Jelmood House
The overarching ambition of this house is to raise awareness and play a pivotal role in the global abolition of human exploitation. The house also pays tribute to human perseverance and acknowledges the contribution of formerly enslaved people to the development of human civilisations.

Msheireb Academy

Msheireb Academy is devoted to quality education and offers a rigorous academic environment that includes both Arabic and English curriculums that emphasise personal development while inspiring students to be active learners and responsible members of society.

Cultural Forum

Venue for the creative community

Located adjacent to Barahat Msheireb at the heart of the project, the Cultural Forum will provide a venue for the creative community, including two art house cinemas and a performing arts theatre. Space will also be available for public art exhibitions and events in dance, music and fine arts.

Qatar National Archive

The Qatar National Archive, reminiscent of the traditional fortified tower, is a landmark that houses the nation’s heritage.


Three mosques provide a religious focal point for daily prayers within the community.

Msheireb Prayer Ground

The Msheireb Prayer Ground is another key restoration project in the development. Hailing back to the city’s formative days, the Msheireb Prayer Ground is a significant cultural and religious site for the nation