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Last Update: 22 March 2023 03:00 PM
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Average Consumption for the Last 30 Days

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Tenant Average Consumption
Last Update: 16 March 2023 12:17 AM
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Average daily usage per square meter for the last 30 days
Electricity average daily consumption for All Categories ()

Renewable Energy Production for the Last 30 Days
Last Update: 29 August 2022 12:08 AM

Photo Voltaic Energy
(Solar Power / Electricity)
Solar Thermal Energy
(Solar Heated Water)

Barahat Temperature

Doha Temperature: Temperature measured at the perimeter of MDD and indicating the typical temperatures experienced in and around Doha City

Barahat Temperature: Temperature measured at the Barahat Msheireb within MDD which should be lower than Doha temperature due to the solar shading and cooling systems provided at the Barahat Msheireb Plaza

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